Gray Crushed Velvet Church Truck Drape


Universal Frameless Drapes Available upon Request

The Frameless Church Truck Drapes are made from a unique crushed velvet material and fluid resistant lining linings to ensure both aesthetics and long use wear and tear.

Our velvet drapes are made specifically to fit on our line of church trucks and are easily secured to the church truck with eight reinforced grommets that fit over the outer four rubber bumpers on each end.  The double layered material under the top helps ensure longevity against the wears from the scissoring when contracting an expanding the church truck.  Each drape includes a fluid resistant inner lining that is designed to protect from absorption issues with wet surface areas on the ground and prevents the drape from catching the wheels or castors when the church truck is in motion.

  • Durable Construction That Lasts
  • 8 Reinforced Groomets on ends
  • 12 Box Pleat design
  • Double Layered Fluid & Wear Resistant Lining
  • Also Available in Green, Blue, Burgundy, Black, and Royal Gold
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