Casket Lowering Device With Placer Arms


The Casket Lowering Device, Placer Arms Included, only $2,261.01


  • Telescopes from 62″ X 25″ to 94″ X 38″
  • Gears are large, tested to bear loads in excess of normal demand
  • Unique Braking System provides a constant, steady lowering speed
  • Castings are non-corrosive aluminum w/ easy access to internal working parts
  • Ball Bearing throughout for noiseless, smooth, and fully automatic operation
  • Check Bars are located at either end to hold casket motionless, even on hilly terrain
  • Placers help make the lowering process much easier with less effort
  • Straps are 21 ft long


  • Retracts to 62″ X 25″
  • Telescopes to 94″ X 38″
  • Can Use w/ Stand
  • Detachable Crank Included<
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Plate & Stainless Steel Construction

Placer Arms Included

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