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29111 reviews for Backhaus Towel Clamp

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    I closed the door behind me as I entered the house. I leaned back against the door crying. I knew John was standing outside of the door.”Please John just leave,” I sobbed out from behind the door.I heard his truck pull from the driveway as I went to my bedroom. I sat down onto the bed and looked to my wrist. I rubbed where the diamond tennis bracelet John had given me once was. I had taken it off and placed it beside my glass of wine before I asked him to take me home.After seeing photos of his wife and him together, I saw how lovely his wife truly was. As I did, I only saw myself,…

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    Please be patient. Was watching a lot of vampire movies.. LOL)I dream of his hands holding mine, but mostly I dream of his hands on my body, stroking and caressing my throat.That sharp, metal, nail, dragging, ever, so, slowly, across my jugular vein, and down my neck, towards the valley of my collar bone. I can almost feel it now, as it slips diagonally past my tattoo, and traces an invisible line across my chest, mounting the hills of my breasts with slow precision. I can feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he whispers into my ear. I can’t understand what he says as he…

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    He was hoping it would help wake him up, plus he just needed to get out of his office. He’d nearly fallen asleep at his desk, not something a Commander should do. ‘They’re just dreams, they’ll go away eventually.’ he assured himself as he passed a few cadets who saluted him as he walked by. He half-heartedly saluted back, wishing that they could forget he was their Commander for just once.”Commander Leonhart, please come to my office at once,” he heard Cid’s voice echo throughout the building when he was just steps from his destination.”Great, what now?” he muttered, and changed…

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    “…very, very soon, you will be kissed.” Sonia moved in and gently kissed Jay. Jay face softened as she closed her eyes and received the kiss. It was a small kiss to begin with and then their lips parted and I saw the tips of their tongues meet, gently touching at first before Jay moved her hands up and, holding Sonia’s face, pushed her tongue into Sonia’s mouth. They embraced and stood there kissing, slowly at first before holding each other tight and frantically began kissing harder, Sonia holding Jay’s face with both hands as their tongues moved from mouth to mouth. Sonia, not breaking from…

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    ” She smiled, “Believe it.” “For the longest time I’ve had a crush on you. Each night that we’ve spent together, my feelings have grown for you. It’s been so long since I’ve been close to a girl. I’ve dreamed of being close to you, and now here I am lying beside you, and kissing you too! You are truly the most beautiful and amazing girl I have ever met.” She hugged me even tighter and kissed me several times, giggling, “It makes me so happy to hear you say that! I have never met anyone like you before. You’re so sweet, kind, and caring, not to mention really good-looking too! For…

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    “Of course, see you tomorrow.” She told him as she kicked the stand and turned on the bike, she loved the sound, it reminded her of a satisfied cat to her, the way it purred.She eased back and felt the uneasiness even more. She looked at the incoming traffic and eased out right behind silver Honda Civic. It clicked in her head as soon as her bike got on the main street; she was going to be followed. The light turned red making her stop, she tried not to panic. She needed to focus, a memory surfaced. She remembered Blake telling her if she were ever followed it would be a silver or…

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    I always make sure to do the shopping around the time he comes in to sit in the cafe to eat his lunch. His strong black body looks like it will rip through the business suit he is wearing. This time he catches me watching him. He smiles at me and rubs his hand on his thick cock so I can see how big it is through his pants. Shocked that I was caught I continue my shopping.I feel a hand reach up and grab my hair and you whisper in my ear, “Did you like what you saw? ” he said to me.My heart is beating faster, I can t believe he is standing behind me. I feel him reach under my skirt and…

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    She was only cumming. Huge waves of cum rolled over and over her again and again. She could feel her bodily juices flow over her fingers as she stuffed them in her vagina as far as she could. Her clit instantly became ultra sensitive and she had to stop stroking it in time to my thrusts. She could feel her nipples, hard as cherry pits, and she ached to have me stroke them. Rubbing them over the sheets was all she could manage with my weight resting on her. Over and over she orgasmed. Then I slammed a long powerful lunge that drive her thighs onto the bed. She felt a forceful swelling in…

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    “Do you like broccoli?” Sara asked.”Sara, I was born and raised on a farm in the country, we ate whatever momma put in front of us. I eat everything.”Sara smiled, “Oh, you do, do you? And you’re a farm boy too?” Eddie blushed, then went on talking about growing up on the farm, baling hay, cutting corn, raising cattle. The more he talked, the more comfortable he became, and the more Sara was attracted to this down to earth country farm boy. They checked out and headed towards their vehicles. Halfway there, Sara’s Jersey girl assertiveness kicked in. She stopped. “Look, I barely know you…

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    In the week after all was arranged for my new job in Savannah, I had seen a solicitor and had him draw up a separation agreement as a prelude to divorce, in the agreement I asked that our home should be sold as soon as possible with the proceeds split equally, everything else would be apportioned by ownership, I had no wish to embarrass Amanda by suing for divorce on the grounds of adultery I hoped we could divorce amicably after a 2 year separation.One evening I sat Amanda down and gave her the agreement and asked her to read and sign it, she sat silently and read it several times, when…

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    Plus, you don’t seem the jealous, intimidated type.””Here, you can help,” said Laura, and let Brenna undo a few of the buttons on her top. As Brenna looked at her, she laughed and gave her a big hug.”See, fun!”Laura had on a plain white bra that seemed to de-emphasize her bosom. She stepped out of her jeans and was wearing plain white panties.”Your undies are so much cuter,” said Laura.”Um, thanks,” said Brenna.Ellen came up behind Brenna and Maria came behind Laura, and they unhooked their bras. Slowly they were pushed off of the girl’s shoulders.Katerina now stepped…—Part-Two-10-14

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    Naturally she put her arm around his shoulder. She didn’t know what he was doing, but she thought he was going to take her to where all the commotion was occurring.Terry looked at Kevin’s face. Then, slowly, he sank to his knees, and gently lowered her into the water, fully clothed. Terry squealed and beat on Kevin’s chest. By that time Pam saw what Kevin had done, she was already at her sister’s side, helping her stand up. Pam was furious but Kevin, Amy and Martin were laughing. Terry splashed Kevin. Pam said, “I’m gonna beat your ass, you motherfucker.” “Lighten up, Pam,” Terry said…

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    Everyone was invited, among the pairs gliding along in gentle waltz you could occasionally detect a familiar face; there was Rita Hayworth, dancing with some lucky guy. Sophia Loren, with her partner. The long-legged Cyd Charisse moving with unmatched grace, except for Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, of course. Even Marilyn Monroe was there, getting a lot of attention with JFK. But it was me, who danced with the most adorable of them all…Audrey blinked her huge, brown doe-eyes and smiled. The gown she was wearing was the one from Sabrina; a tight corset and a big flowing skirt, all in…

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    She was wearing the classic schoolgirl outfit. From the toes up she wore knee high white socks, a black and red plaid skirt that draped over the stool, and a white tank top without a bra highlighting her clearly erect nipples and small breasts. She even polished the outfit off with pigtails and a ribbon. It was the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. It was obvious that she was intentionally dressed like a slut and the truth is… I absolutely fucking loved it. The problem is, there is no way Stacey was not going to notice as well. Trouble was brewing. Renee was sitting there eating a bowl of…

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    She didn’t even realize that his mouth had left her nipple until its assault began on her other one. A fresh ripple rushed through her as this breast finally got the same attention its twin had been receiving. Then she felt it. Just a gentle touch at the base of her pussy. Just pressed there, touching both lips, but not moving. How she wanted it to move upward and into her pussy, but it didn’t. Slowly she began to rock forward hoping to push it into her. But as she moved it moved with her. As she began to rock forward again the lips on her nipple were replaced with biting teeth on the…

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    Lisa is a sexy little plumper blond, 5’8″ tall with a 40DD-34-38 body that looks so hot in a t-shirt and shorts. I have lived next door to her for 4 years, and we have gotten to be pretty good friends. I often fantasize about us being more than friends, but she hasn’t shown any interest in me in that way, and I don’t want to make things uncomfortable between us if she’s not interested in me sexually, so I don’t push the subject. We spend many weekends lounging around my pool drinking beer and talking about all the things that piss us off at our jobs. We have a lot of fun together, and it gives…

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    I sheepishly replied “Hi”.”What your name” she asked. “Sarah”, I replied.”That’s cool we have the same name.” She continued talking and as I started to relax realizing that she didn’t recognize me I started to open up and talk back. After our nails were done Sarah Asked if I wanted to shop with her. I looked at Jenifer and she said, “go ahead sweetie”. We were off and after visiting several stores we went into a teen store. After looking for a little while Sarah lit up saying oh this is so cute “you have to try this one on”. It was a light pink dress that flared out at the…

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    Her hair fell in her face, and she went to push it away, only to find her arms weren’t quite up to such an arduous task. So instead, she let them lie at her sides, hands spread wide on the sheets.The Doctor, barely breathing any harder than usual, looked over at her, eyebrows raised. “What, the orgasm you just had? It was annoying?””No, you idiot,” she said without any real heat as she kicked the sheets away from her body. Outside, one of the blizzards the planet of Nix XV was famous for raged, but inside the room, Amy was almost uncomfortably hot. Whether that was from the fire…

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    Erin was visiting her cousin Berri in Philadelphia from Atlanta. They where complete opposites, Berri being a prissy, feminine girl, and Erin a rough, saggy jeans wearing, tomboy their whole lives. It wasn’t until they found out through their parents that they shared an attraction to women that they became good friends and decided to spend the summer together.”Erin, there’s nothing wrong with meeting females on the party-line. In fact, that’s how most of the lesbians here in Philly stay connected. Look, I’ll call and you can just listen.””Aight B, but I can’t guarantee a damn thang…

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    Do not worry about the expense; I have an account with this tailor, so all monies are taken good care of. Now, be off with you, and I’ll see you at dinnertime. Meet me in the dining room at, shall we say – seven tonight.” Camorra stood, indicating to Benjamin he was dismissed, and the boy hurriedly scrambled to his feet, bowed slightly, and made for the door, stuttering garbled thanks as he did so. Smiling, his master patted him genially on the shoulder and sent him on his way. With the boy dismissed, Camorra returned to his chair and turned his brain to the other problem. Sometime he was…

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    The thruway is loud with the windows down, the radio is blasting and I’m feeling windburned. When I pull in your driveway and turn off the ignition it’s silent. I take a couple slow deep cleansing breaths and calm washes over me allowing the anticipation of what is to come to come forward in my mind. A small smile spreads as I open the car door and step out into the heat reflecting off the driveway. I do a few stretches and grab the small gym bag from the back seat and unzip it before walking up to the door. It opens as I reach up to knock. You’re dressed as requested, loose shorts (no…

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    They were either too pushy, making me feel uneasy, and turned off, or not bold enough. Meaning, of course, that at 24, I had never had sex. Not even any more than hand holding and kissing. Pretty lame, I know, but that’s the hand I was dealt. As compensation, I put my energy into work, developing a good career, and always knowing there was something missing. That is, until I met David. We met at a business meeting, at the time, I wasn’t really attracted to him, but later we met again at the hotel bar. He started a conversation which carried over into dinner, and that was all for that night….

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    Part 1 was all setup(sorry), this is where things heat up a bit…After being half-dazed by chloroform, Stacy the Asian pharmacist is carried out to the parking lot of her store at night, the one holding her in his arms–Duke is his name–resting Stacy’s head against his chest. In spite of the mild fear Stacy feels in her chloroform-induced haze, Duke’s lightly thudding heartbeat subconsciously sets her at ease, and she almost drifts off to sleep in his arms. That is, until one of the other guys searches her pockets for her car keys and unlocks the doors to Stacy’s mini-van. They’re…

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    We just had a good, easy rapport and she was easy on the eyes. Her name was Lauren and she had two kids and a boyfriend who wasn’t their father. She was a little thicker for having the kids but she also had a decent pair on her chest.We got along well enough that my welcome appointments became every few weeks and the other stylists started joking about our “relationship” and me being her boyfriend. Especially Jen, her friend with pink hair and piercings who worked there. Jen was a little more fit, but she didn’t have Lauren’s titties. She was pale with freckles while Lauren was a little…

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    Most times Mike joined Bill and Me at the motel on the interstate for an afternoon of intense sex.There was never and pretense about making love, it was always about sex and pleasing whomever you were with. Intense is the best word to describe it. I loved it and by their reactions and their increasing creativity with toys and different positions made each afternoon great fun. I was their fuck toy for their and my pleasure and while I got tons of pleasure from them, I also provided tons of pleasure for them. A slut fuck toy, yes, and they also told me my tits, ass, cunt and mouth were their…

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    Everything in me screamed “Don’t do it.” Everything, but my pussy. He walked over to me and pulled me up, closer to his chest. “I missed you.” He said.”Don’t.” I started trying to pull away.”Are you going to tell me that you don’t miss me?”I shook my head. “You don’t?””I do, but….” I whispered, unable to look in his eyes. “No ‘buts’, I miss you, you miss me. It’s that simple.” Darren lifted my chin and kissed me. I closed my eyes, opening my mouth for his tongue. I bit his bottom lip and grabbed his shirt. I pulled it off and threw it on the bed. I had missed him,…

  228. CarlBak

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    ————————————–Cindy had been working at the Harley dealership for about a year and had not only slept with her boss, Louie, but she had also had sex with another coworker, Cliff as well. One of the other guys there, Bob had witnessed a little bit of Cindy’s depravity after a big open house party where she was taken by both Louie and Cliff, one of the bike mechanics. After that party, Bob seemed to hang out around Cindy a lot more and began to pay her a lot more attention. She would come home from work and tell me how he was flirting with her a lot and she thought he…

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    It was almost like fucking a different girl.”Oh, fuck!” Dani groaned, already halfway to an orgasm. “I always get so horny this time of the month. I’m glad you don’t mind taking care of me when I’m like this…””Your arousal means your body wants to be pregnant,” Jonathan whispered into her ear. “Why don’t you let this one take? I’ve heard of implants and I know how they work.””It’ll take a month for my body to return to normal,” Dani whispered back. “But I think I’d love to have your child…””Does that mean you love me?” Jonathan teased.Dani bit his ear in reply. “Don’t press…

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    “Show me what you’ve got.” she purred in a slightly smug voice.So proud of herself. At least she was coming out of her shell. Smiling upwards at her, I began by slowly lapping up her slit, testing the waters. At first contact, Molly let out a breath she had seemingly been keeping in and snak down into the couch, clearly already enjoying herself.I pulled my tongue back. “Getting comfy?” I asked her humorously.”Keep going.” she replied with no humor in her voice, eyes closed, her face in that sorrowful expression girls get when you begin the foreplay. Internally chuckling, I resumed,…

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    “Ah yes,” Kigali agreed, “I know just the one!””Carstairs!” Miss Robinson pleaded, “They are going to rape me!””Rape is illegal,” Kigali reminded the men, “Remember there is a two dollar fine for raping a westerner!””Carstairs!” Miss Robinson pleaded but the men had already piled their rifles into a stack and were gathering round her.We stopped to watch, they circled around her like Hyena hunting a Buffalo until one made a lunge and then another, she fell to the ground with a tribesman at each breast, grasping suckling sucking until her nipples were inches long and two other…

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    This was normally a working/drinking man’s tavern and the few females who frequented the establishment tended to favor peroxide and rayon. So I kept my eye on her from the first, getting my mug of Miller from the bartender and slipping off to one side by the jukebox. She was just sipping on what looked like a liquid cocaine and sitting on her stool, wedged in between a mute sailor and a behemoth of a biker with “KC Sons” colors on the back of his oil-spotted denim jacket. They paid her no mind though, too intent on their own imbibitions, so I made note to myself to watch and wait.The…

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  237. castleclimb5846020

    I lifted it off and put my eye to the hole. Tash’s eye looked back at me. I went back round and told her that I would now leave her to it and told her to keep the door closed. We giggled as I went to leave, but I definitely sensed she was uneasy about the whole thing.”If you decide not to watch, then you can always look the other way”, I said, grinning from ear to ear. We were standing close together and she leaned in to whisper something. “Jackie also played with me when we read her porn”. Obviously she had either guessed, or Jackie had told her about us…

  238. salamandrine3282846

    ” She then asked if I knew how much the donation was and I replied, “Oh yea,” and she followed by telling me the address, explained it was an apartment building, told me where I should park, and gave me the apartment number, saying she would have to buzz me in. Victoria also asked me to call when I was on my way, and I told her okay expressing my excitement to meet her. She paused briefly and replied, “Me too, see you Friday,” and told me to be sure to call. I said, “Okay,” and we hung up. When Friday came around, I was nervous but excited too, and as I headed out, I gave her a…

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    Jason is only ten mouths younger than Paul thirty nine, Ted is now thirty seven, Sam is thirty six, Mark is thirty four and Tony the youngest is twenty eight. All his brothers are fit and muscular. Paul’s brothers and his sisters husbands all called me telling me they could come to help me plan Paul’s birthday, their wives couldn’t. I asked them, keeping my fingers crossed, if it would be okay if they came without their wives. They could tell their wives later our plans for Paul’s surprise birthday party.I called my Master Vincent and told him about my plans about Paul’s brothers and…

  243. rockad2113216

    But I hope you will. You’ve probably seen me before, as our eyes have crossed. Perhaps you even took a second look at me. I certainly took a second look at you. I am writing you this letter, not because I am not man enough to go up to you and talk, but because this is the first impression I want you to have of me. I want you to know right now how much you turn on this stranger you’ve never met.I saw you once, as we crossed paths in the gym. That’s what people do at the gym, I suppose. They gawk at each other, checking out the competition in some cases, eyeing the beautiful bodies passing…—Part-1-10-26

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    My wife and daughter had just left to meet her sister and children for a girls weekend at the beach. I had looked forward to this weekend for a while making sure I left this weekend open for doing something I enjoy but don’t get to do enough of. Over the past couple years I have found myself enjoying the company of men just as much as I do women but my busy life only allows me play with my new found partners when I can sneak a quickie in when the wife works late or find an excuse to stay out late on weekends. Shortly after getting brave enough to meet strangers in hopes of getting lucky I had…

  247. Enthalpy8370334

    “You’re killing me Lilly.” I looked down at myself and blushed, “Sorry, my aunt.” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into the bed, pulling the covers back over me, “Yes, I’m well aware of your aunt’s motives.” I smiled and snuggled in noticing the purposeful distance between Damien and I. I sighed and lifted my head on my arm to look at him, “You’re making the Lycan sleep outside?” He snorted, “No, they prefer it out there. You seemed to be having a good time though.” I nodded, “Yeah, they are really funny about certain things.” “For example?” I ignored the…

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